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Title: Mokoyaro 1982 - 1985
Format: Vinyl - 5 LP Box plus 7inch for members

Label: Vinyl On Demand
Release Date: October 2012



This Box is a complete Anthology of the musical output and works by Albert Klein and Antonios Stratis alias STRATIS and their Side-Project 96 Eyes (Albert Klein with Philip Tesch), all recorded between 1982-85.

It contains all of their original and self-released Tape-Recordings released on their own Label Creative Tapes (later called Temporary Music) between 1982 and 1985 („Exotic“, „New Face“, „Musica Da Ballo“, „Film Musik“ and „Raging Beauty“) and which they also licensed to Colin Potters ICR-Label (Integrated Circuit Records) in Great Britain.

It also contains all of their compilation-contributions from 1983-85 to various Vinyl and –Tape-Labels such as Bain Total, X-Tract, Mystery Hearsay, Oscar Smits (Vinyl Magazine) „Noel“-Label.

All in all 63 beautiful minimal/synth-tracks ranging from NDW-Classics like „Die Kur“ to Minimal / Robotic SynthPop or German-Electro / Cold-Wave-Classics like „Herzlos“ or „She’s Dancing“ and Sci-Fi & Future obsessed-Tracks that could be composed for movies like Captain Future, Blade Runner, Flash Gordon or Tron, and even traditional progressive German electronic music from the Tangerine Dream school as well as Chris & Cosey or Yello-like-Tracks as „Technotown“, „Foggy Weather“ „Deine Tränen“ or „Nightfly“.
Masterfully played analog equipment with Jazz, Funk influences & superb bass lines ("Musica Da Ballo", "Mezzanotte", "Dance".
As if this is not enough you can even hear Tracks with Electro-Eastern-Vibes with Arabian melodies / vocal samples echoing in the background that sometimes even reminds to Bryn Jones Muslimgauze-Tracks.

In recent years music-passionates/interests and labels like VOD-Records have discovered and realized the importance of electronic musicans like STRATIS on a broader perspective with a much bigger picture on Stratis musical output and possible listeners-journey beyond alltime Classics like „Herzlos“.

Mark Lane beautifully stated and remarked on Chain DLK. „Although the role of Stratis in the 80`s was obscure in commercial terms, the ambassadorial significance of his self owned label was vital in introducing Northern American artists to what has now grown into a flourishing German electro scene and vice versa“

(for VOD-members the Box incl. 7 Bonus-Tracks on a 7“inch incl. 6 Soundtrack-Recordings for Dietmar Meinel’s Animation-Movie Titan Project as well as the original and slightly faster „Herzlos“-Version from Musica Da Ballo-Tape.



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